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Цены на Отели рядом с Домом Пилата

Указана средняя цена проживания в двухместном номере за двух взрослых. Для сравнения приведена средняя стоимость бронирования номера в Севилье на ближайшие дни.

Отели рядом с Дом Пилата

Petit Palace Santa Cruz

This 4-star superior class hotel has a traditional exterior but a very contemporary design in the interior. The hotel is located right in the heart of the historical centre, in the former Jewish Quarter of Santa Cruz. It offers very modern accommodation with up-to-date amenities.

NH Sevilla Plaza de Armas

This 4-star modern hotel is situated in the centre of Seville in front of the ‘1992 World Exhibition Centre’. The unsurpassable quality has been carefully designed to offer you every comfort and service that you might need throughout your stay, making it an ideal base for business or leisure stays.

Sevilla Center

This "secret" hotel is a top deal at one of our popular hotels in Seville. In order for us to grant such an exclusive deal, we are required to keep the name of the hotel hidden. Only once the booking is confirmed, the issued voucher will reveal the name and address of the hotel. The hotel room and service received through this booking is guaranteed to be exactly the same as when reservation is made at the same hotel with the name publicized. Note: Not permitted to be sold with hotel name publicized.

Petit Palace Sevilla Canalejas

This 2-star modern hotel is situated in the centre of the historic Seville, very close to all major tourist attractions. This nice hotel offers good-quality service and stylish and comfortable accommodation in a central location.

Monte Carlo

This 3-star tourist-class hotel is situated in the centre of the historical Seville, within easy walking distance to most of the tourist attractions. The hotel offers adequate accommodation and good value for money in a central location.

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