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Указана средняя цена проживания в двухместном номере за двух взрослых. Для сравнения приведена средняя стоимость бронирования номера в Сан-Себастьяне на ближайшие дни.

Все отели Сан-Себастьяна 4 звезды. Для бронирования доступно около 22 отелeй.


This stylish 4-star hotel is centrally situated in San Sebastian. Rooms are individually designed in a contemporary style and themed around cinema. All rooms have complimentary Wi-Fi internet access.

Hotel San Sebastian

This stylish 4-star hotel is located just few minutes away from the beach. Rooms feature modern decor and amenities.

    Barcelo Costa Vasca

    This 4-star property offers comfortable accommodation, modern facilities and a peaceful location in the residential district of Ondarreta.

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