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Указана средняя цена проживания в двухместном номере за двух взрослых. Для сравнения приведена средняя стоимость бронирования номера в Гранаде на ближайшие дни.

Отели Гранады с бассейном

Hotel Villa Oniria

This 4-star superior and cosy hotel is situated in the heart of Granada. Villa Oniria is a hotel created for the enjoyment of the senses, and this atmosphere can be felt in every corner of the hotel, from the wonderful inner patio-hall, going through the garden with its two beautiful fountains and aromatic plants, as well as the spa and wellness centre.

Citymar San Anton Hotel

This 4-star elegant hotel is located in the historical and commercial district of Granada, next to the Genil riverside and facing the Convention Palace. It offers good quality accommodation in a convenient location.

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