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Grand Hotel Angiolieri

5.9 км от центра Вико-Экуэнсе, Италия. По адресу: Via Santa Maria Vecchia, 2, 80069 Vico Equense Naples, Italy


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Fully immersed in a green private park, the Hotel is situated in the heart of a unique cultural and historical treasure trove of Sorrento Peninsula, positioned in a very strategic location, well connected either by train and car and/or pulman, close to the highway 145 Sorrentina only few kilometers before Sorrento.

Общее описание

The hotel is the perfect scenario to hold any type of event, thanks to the charming location, the big and bright spaces and to the professional staff, like as as banquets, ceremonies, meetings, concerts, presentations and cocktail parties.

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Справка о гостинице

Построена в 1964 году

Этажей: 6

Номеров: 37



1 взрослый
Описание отеля
Отели рядом

Заезд: 14:00

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Справка о гостинице

Построена в 1964 году

Этажей: 6

Номеров: 37

Интерьер и экстерьер

ЭкстерьерThe hotel, established by an ancient Roman villa, around the 100 a.c. overlooking the sea, became soon a convent, until 1600. It was sold and became a private residence of a noble family and, at the first years of 1800, the property was transformed as an hotel. It was also the stage for some scenes of a famous Italian film of the Fifties, Bread, love and.... with the the most famous italian actors, Vittorio De Sica and Loren Sohia.
ЛоббиMedium sized, full of light and decorated with soft pastel colours and white marble floor, with precious oriental rugs, it is furnished in a minimalist but elegant style.
Описание номеровRomantic rooms, medium sized, overlook whether the garden or the picturesque panorama including the neighbouring village of Vico Equense. Elegantly decorated, with Majolica fleeces of the famous Vietri artisans, they are equipped with separate or double beds. The have a soft atmosphere, furnished with elegance and functionality and decorated with pastel colors.Three Romantic Rooms are situated on the 6th floor and are characterized by a mansard roof and ceramic pavement. Superior rooms, a little bit larger than Romantic rooms, have also a beautiful sea view.

Досуг и развлечения

Бары и рестораныMedium sized, it has an elegant dining room and a panoramic terrace, overlooking the Sorrento Gulf. Clients will feel immersed in an elegant and bright atmosphere characterized by an excellent service.
Careful selection of wines and cuisine enhances the delicate flavors of sea and land. Freshness and quality are imperative words at hotel restaurant, l'Accanto.
Спорт и отдыхFacilities include an outdoor infinity pool and a spa treatment room offering a range of massages and wellness treatments. Free Wi-Fi is available in public areas.

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