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Указана средняя цена проживания в двухместном номере за двух взрослых. Для сравнения приведена средняя стоимость бронирования номера в Дрездене на ближайшие дни.

Все отели г.Дрезден с хорошим рейтингом среди бизнес-путешественников.

AZIMUT Hotel Dresden

Traditional 4-star hotel located in south east Dresden, in the Reick quarter. Dresden's charm, historic old town section, the overall cosyness and pleasing Saxonian timelessness all contribute to making visitors feel at home from the first moment they step foot into this pleasant hotel.

ibis Dresden Lilienstein

Modern, superior 3-star hotel located in central Dresden, right in the Prager Strasse shopping street. No-frills hotel providing good value for money accommodation and an ideal starting point for shopping tours and outings to Dresden's historical centre.

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