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First Hotel Marina

The First Hotel Marina is a 4-star property offering modern and comfortable accommodation and an exclusive location on the Vedb?k Marina and beach. This hotel’s scenic location makes it an ideal base from which to enjoy a relaxing stay on the Swedish coast, whilst being within a short drive and train journey from central Copenhagen.

Radisson Blu Falconer

Modern 4-star hotel nested in the leafy district of Frederiksberg, about 2.5 Km from the heart of Copenhagen. This hotel offers all the services and amenities expected of an international 4-star chain hotel, and offers a good location as some of Copenhagen's best shopping is an easy walk from the hotel.

Quality Airport Dan

Modern 4-star hotel located in Kastrup, by the Copenhagen International Airport and just 7km from the city centre. This hotel provides pleasant accommodation, with free wireless internet access, good services and leisure facilities.

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