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Указана средняя цена проживания в двухместном номере за двух взрослых. Для сравнения приведена средняя стоимость бронирования номера в Генте на ближайшие дни.

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NH Gent Belfort hotel

Modern 4-star hotel located situated in the city centre of Ghent, opposite the Town Hall and alongside the Saint Bavo?s Cathedral. Lavish hotel (renovated in 2008) offering stylish and spacious accommodation and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as a location second-to-none.

Hotel De Flandre

Hotel is an intimate 4 star property offering exquisitely appointed rooms and suites in the historic heart of Ghent. The hotel is ideally located on Poel Street, right in the city centre.

Ghent Marriott Hotel

This is a modern 4-star hotel located in the very heart of Ghent, within walking distance from numerous attractions. The hotel blends historic treasures with the latest fashions and trends, just like the city, and offers guests a pleasant setting for a memorable stay.

Ghent River Hotel

The hotel offers personalised rooms in the heart of Ghent.

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