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Apollo Arthotel Brugge

Modern 4-star hotel located in the north western suburbs of Brugge, located in a rustic setting in a beautiful park just 5min drive from the city centre. This hotel offers guests a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and is ideal for a relaxing city break in this beautiful city.

Aragon Hotel

Modern 4-star hotel located on a quiet side street in the very heart of Brugge, just a stone’s throw from the belfry tower. This former mansion will make guests feel at home, providing them with a comfortable stay and an idyllic location for sightseeing.

NH Brugge Hotel

The NH Brugge is a quaint 4-star property offering comfortable accommodation in the historic city centre. It boasts all the modern conveniences of a contemporary facility within the antiquated charm of a 17th-century monastery.

Hotel De Tuilerieen

This is a traditional, superior 4-star hotel located in the very heart of Brugge, next to the city’s most beautiful canal "Den Dijver". The authentic character of this 15th century noble residence is strenghtened by its marvellous interior, excellent facilities, and its elegant and cosy guestrooms.

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